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Review on  has got a ranking of 1003089. This is a new start up which allows the readers to give their opinions about famous public figures. Readers can present their views on any personality they wish to even for Brack Obama. It allows the publishers to track the views and opinions that the readers have given. The founders of this website are Chris Layman and Corey Brundage. Once you add the plug in your website special links will be added to your website automatically when famous names will appear.

Now if the readers, visitors or viewers wish they can click on those links and present their views whether they “love that person or not” by giving votes for the same. They can also scroll to the comments part of the content so that they can also view the poll results on the same website and also on the entire network of

The aim of creating this website is that the publishers of the website or the bloggers can get more connected with their viewers and readers and can have a longer conversation with them so that they stay in connection to their website or blog for a longer period time which would help popularize your website or your blog. The readers, visitors and viewers have the option to post comments, vote in a single article. Once you click on the link you will be able to see every single comment made by every single reader and visitor and in return you can also comment for the same this becomes a two way conversation.

There are also chances of misleading votes but on the other side big personality gets a real picture about their popularity and also people come to know more and more about the person when different people post different comments.

Review on - User Feedback and Survey Software for Web Sites

Review on - User Feedback and Survey Software for Web Sites:  is a customer feedback widget. It enables the bloggers abd website owners to improve and enhance their conversation and relationship with the customers. It also helps them to grab the right category of customers by the way of conducting sample surveys.


The service provides the bloggers and the website owners with the one click survey facility that can be presented to the website or blog visitors. By the widget to your website or blog and conducting the survey you can get the information and data which will help you get loyal customers and also attract new customers and build a strong and long lasting relationship with them.

User mood was developed by Dave Churchville. The reason why this application was found out was the planner software urged a need for quick and actionable feedback from the users and the customers. The outcome of which was user mood and the facilities that are available on the user mood.

As the name goes it enables to know the mood of the users. There is hardly any difference between the user mood and other survey widgets but this one is more users friendly and has attractive and effective designs.

In this type of service questions are created along with the multiple choice format of answers to respond. You can customize and modify the same with your choice of colors using the configuration option. The user can also control the timing one wants to conduct the survey for.

The installation is a very easy task you just need copy and paste two lines of code. The survey is not an integral part so that the visitors are not disturbed. Users can also review the real time results and the reports so that they can take actions strait away. So do check the same and get the best out of it.

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HDFC Credit Card Login for Online Payment Option

There are the many benefits of online Credit Card access that is listed below that is Account Information and unbilled Transaction and Credit card Statements. And Request for Credit Card Payments, Auto pay Registration, Auto pay De-registration and Registration on new card. Your account information shows you your total cash and credit limits and your billed and unbilled transaction also your payment due date and the reward points you have earned on your card. This helps you monitor your Credit Card transactions and know when your Credit Card bills are due for payment.

hdfc credit card payment

It is helpful to get online access to your credit card services. This service is free of charge and provide complete privacy you access your credit card online. When your credit card is lost than re-issue the card using the Hot listing facility. Also you can block your net banking account from the credit card the drop down mentioning the reason. You will be charged RS 100 as a fee for this service.

Credit card helps minimize your exposure to fraud. There are some very ingenious crooks out there. The more you can do to reduce your risk, the better. Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to track your spending. When coupled with a program like Microsoft Money or Quicken, you can easily see where your money is going and keep track of how your spending is changing from month to month.

Your Credit Card account is separate from your current/saving account.  You have registered for the online Credit Card facility through Net services. They provide Auto pay facility available to HDFC bank account holders. It takes care of your Credit Card bill payments.

HDFC enjoy great discounts when you shop cashless and hassle free with HDFC Bank Credit cards. Credit card offers master Card offers, Visa offers, Freedom from Cash, Food Fiesta offers, Monsoon Dhamaka offer, Easy EMI offers and Online partners and corporate card offers. Smart buy is a HDFC Bank initiative to make available great offers on HDFC Bank debit and credit cards. You are a valued HDFC Bank consumer and we endeavor to help you make the most out of your money.

Back also provide you to some type of the reward program. Generally these will give you some percentage of the total of your purchase back in cash and point. And it offered the easy payment options for complete control.

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In India, there are so many jewellers who possess a whole jewellary chain though out India. Kalyan Jewellers is amongst them. Their official website is The group has it’s headquarter at Thrissur City in Kerala. It is valued at about $1 billion by Bloomberg in January, 2013. Now a day, the Kalyan group is establishing new branches across the India.

kalyan jewellers

Mr. T.S. Kalyanaraman is the Chairman and Managing Director of kalyan Jewellers. T.S. Kalyanaraman is an Indian businessman. He learned the business when he was 12 from his father. He helped his father in his shop. Later he joined Sree Kerala Varma College and studied commerce. He started his first jewellery shop named Kalyan Jewellers in Thrissur City in 1993.

After that he established around 32 centers in south India.

The group plans showrooms at Trichy, Chennai, Nagercoil and Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, and Kollam, Thiruvananthapuaram, Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kottayam in Kerala.

The Kalyan group has also launched a customer gold card scheme for a minimum purchase of Rs 1,000 at all the four showrooms. Kalyan group has its brands under the name Kalyan Silks, Kalyan Jewellers, Kalyan Sarees and Kalyan Collections.

The group employs around 4000 people all over India. Kalyan Jewellers appoint Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Nagarjuna Akkineni, Dileep, Prabhu Ganesan andShivaraj Kumar as its brand ambassadors. Its advertising and marketing budget is around Rs 90 crores.

Kalyan Jewellery would open 101 cutomer service centres called 'My Kalyan' across Kerala.

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Review on - Automatically Load Twitter Account

When you add the service available on this site the polls which are added to your site or blog using this system automatically opens a new window when someone casts a vote to you. It is automatically loaded on twitter account also. Official website is


The message that the person has given can be tweeted and retweeted at their wish. Every time anyone votes they can tweet it out to all of their followers. This will really generate a lot of traffic on your site or blog. And who does not like to receive more and more traffic on their site or blog. The site is valued 1248us$.

It is a viral marketing and twitter equals web2.0wnage.  It is really an easy and effortless way of drawing more and more people to your blog or site. You invite them to be their participants from the very beginning itself. It is really a very cool program and it is available to you free of cost. And it is very easy to join and use. Isn’t that really great? The site has been tested and it does not have any problem till now.

It is a poll which you can embed on your site or blog which will allow the users to tweet and vote to their friends. These tweets help you to generate more and more traffic on your website. When any user votes they can also tweet their vote to the other followers. The other followers can also give their own vote and also can tweet again.

These will give a storm of traffic. If you really wish to generate good amount of traffic on your site or blog then you must try this for sure. Visit the site, and you can avail the service for free and you will love it.